MG Motor


We all know them

The MG brand is part of SAIC Motors, placed number 27 on the fortune 500 lists. Of course, being an enterprise this size means quality, safety & due diligence are key factors. Therefore, it was a perfect collaboration.


Why they hired us

Creating a web-app within 4 weeks for MG Motor repairers throughout Europe. Having an immense safety claim, while being in need of smooth UX. Simply put, this platform is a way to both communicate simply and securely, with immense deadline pressure - perfect for us.

Highly safe, entirely immersive

Multiple development 'pipelines' had to be created and used to overcome time & project size constraints. In addition, the application code needed to be highly documented, safe, scalable, and modular. Therefore, Python - Django with a senior agile team was the perfect fit.


MVSA Architects