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01 Ecommerce

Proud partner of Shopify, WooCommerce, and end-to-end production partner of large players within the e-commerce industry. We don't simply build your webshop, we set up your entire digital architecture.

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02 Custom development

Building something from scratch is just the beginning. The real 'game' starts, as soon as you start to scale and grow beyond your comfort zone. We can help you achieve your goals!

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03 Apps

Hoping to increase your brand recognition & loyalty? We are here to help you build an app to achieve this, prioritising your users needs.

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04 Sites & Platforms

The best in class, automated websites and platforms. Ready to scale out of the box and mind-blowing far beyond the status quo.

Two guys at the beach watching the waves in Mystic clothing

05 Web 3.0

From augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to machine learning and blockchain, these technologies have allowed new possibilities for innovation around the globe! Elevate your brand to the next digital generation with Flatline Agency.

Our Clients

Supporting the migration of the data for one of the worlds largest companies in the world, together with one of the AWS lead architects.

Creating an AI dashboard in React for internal and operational use.

Facilitating the digital experience for one of the largest European hygiene brands.

Building and designing a Python based dealer platform for all EU car dealers.

A middleware application, formatting and pushing from and through the data from Shopify webshop to the ERP and PIM. Built in NodeJS and ready to scale.

A NodeJS middleware application, connecting the e-commerce store to ERP and fulfilment applications.

A custom WordPress - WooCommerce design and built to reinvent the e-commerce store.

A custom bottle configurator and webshop to launch a national campaign at scale.

Animation and motion design for a populair women fashion brand in Europe.

The Dutch e-learning election platform to educate the staff all over the country.


Flatline Agency Finalists for Digital Agency of the Year AND Best Small Agency of the Year

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Flatline Agency Global Agency Awards Finalist

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